Mount Krakatau is part of the history of the world, visit and identify more closely, get the natural beauty around them, make your trip the most beautiful moments with us

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As one of tourist destination area,Carita /Banten is a chain of Indonesia package tour.Carita ,more well known as main gate of Sunda strait,is an area possessing wealth beauty of nature,with great variety attraction such as krakatau tour,ujungkulon, carita krakatau volcano tour guide and national parkkrakatau tour camping an overnight trip is  one of the travel package complete peeling sunda strait region, with experience you can get, as well as stunning natural beauty, truly a trip that was amazing, Krakatau tours, adventure tours Ujung kulon, is a tourist destination based on eco tourism. and environmentally friendly, with only a short time you will get satisfaction, and can share experiences with others
BLACK RHINO JAVA TOUR OPERATOR based in Carita beach eventually ,we would like to extend our warmest welcome'Selamat datang"and may the atmosphere of sunda strait bring you a memorable impression.,,trough out : ujung kulon,krakatau,panaitan paradise island,choose your best Travel Packages as desired

Our tour services as such as:
Krakatau volcano tour

Krakatau tour ,Visit a new cone which arose in 1929 are remains of very old volcano indeed,which disappeared a long tine ago,it was the island of Rakata besar,once much bigger than it is now.wich exploded so dramatically in august of 1883,loosing half its area,sending tidal waves crossing Indian Ocean top the shore of Africa and costing over 36.000 human lives.Fumice and debris rained down on the sorrounding islands and dust cloud floated on the air current around the world,causing beatifull eeri sunset weeks afterward.Day trip to the island can arranged from Carita beach further up the coast,the letter village being geograpically the clossest.

Ujung Kulon National Park


tis the National Park ?  Ujung kulon tour ,peucang and handeuleum atraction
A Natioanal Park is nature conservation area which  a  p ossesses native ecosystems,with are managed zoning system that fasilitate s reseach,science educations,breeding enhancement,recreation and   tourisme purpose.In 1990 the International for the conservation of nature defined National Park as follow ; National park are relatively large land are  which contain    represetatives sample of major natural region    or scenery of national or International significance where plants and animals species,geological site are habitat of special scientific,educational and recreational interest. They contain one or several entire  ecosystem that are not materially altered by human eksploitation and occupation.The ecosystem are managed to sustain  tourisme and education activities on at controled basis,The area is managed  in a near natural state.visitor under special condition for inspirational,educational,cultural,and recreatioanal purpose

To maximize your holiday [summer vacation] with sort of the time The Black Rhino freelance create and offer to observe java volcano tour adventure with only 11 days,covering,Krakatau,ujung kulon,west java,yogyakarta,east java and the tour wills ending in Bali.



Holidays Direct with local tour operators

Travel in  Indonesia on inspiring and individual holidays, knowing that your holiday is locally sourced from responsible tour operators in your chosen destination. Booking direct puts the money into the local economy and ensures you will receive the best value and unrivalled local knowledge.we offer hundreds of holidays of Indonesia's tour destination. We are operated by professional tour operators based in your destination who bring a wealth of local know-how and expertise to the organisation of your holiday. Whether you are looking for an adventure,  sightseeing, nature, expedition tour,surfing safaris,country side,rafting ,java volcano trecking and hiking ,hotel and watersports, or even a bit of everything - you can find it with Black Rhino Java tour operator So, if you want to trek to Ujung kulon,krakatau volcano,java bali ovrerland ,Java volcano expedition adventure. Each adventure holiday is run by a specialist  local guides, ensuring you get the most out of your adventure and the people benefit directly from your visit,where



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