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Welcome to Black rhino Tour, Banten As one of the tourist destinations,  known as the main gate of the Sunda Strait, is an area that has a wealth of natural beauty, with kombine  attractions such as Krakatau tour, ujungkulon tours, Baduy tribe ,Local tour,Panaitan surf safries , adventure  tours Overland Java Bali , as you wish
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Volcano tour – Overland Adventure Java Island Indonesia

, starting from Mount Krakatau in the Sunda Strait, Mount Gede Pangrango, Tangkuban Perahu in Bandung West Java, Mount Papandayan, Mount Merapi in Central Java, Mount Bromo, Semeru, and Ijen Crater in East Java, Mount Agung in Bali and Mount Rinjani on the Island Lombok

WildLife and Heritage Site of the Indonesia National Park

Discover and explore Indonesian National Parks: Ujung Kulon, Way Kambas, Gunung Halimun National Park, Gunung Gede, Patuha Mountain, Bromo Tengger, Rinjani National Park and Komodo Island on Komodo Island, East Nusa Tenggara

Sight At a Glance Of Java Island

Java Island tourism destination
Banten is the youngest province on the island of Java, located to the west of Java Island which borders the Sunda Strait in the West, the Special Capital Region of East Jakarta, the Java Sea, and the Indian Ocean in the South. Banten Also identical to the center of Islamic education, in the past until now, behind it all Banten also has a unique nature and culture, one of which is the culture and life of the Baduy community [The Banten peop le], they live in the south of Banten, in the Regency Lebak, and inhabit the mountainous area of ​​kendeng, they live by still holding on to the traditions and culture they inherited from their ancestors. Now life and temples are still strong in defense, they don’t know buying and selling using money as a legitimate means of payment, but they mostly use the barter system of tradition and culture they have among them, Angklung buhun, dogdog lojor and others. as they do, it is also shown to visitors at certain times
The Baduy community consists of two classifications of outer Baduy, identical to black dress life in the buffer zone and the interior of the Baduy is identical to the white clothes that live in the interior of the Baduy village,

Krakatau Islands, Krakatau Islands in the Sunda Strait
Krakatau or Krakatau is a volcanic mountain consisting of 3 islands and one vulcan, they are Rakata isand, long island, verlaten island and Krakatau [child Krakatau] Volcano, located in the western Sunda Strait of Java island and embeded by the island of Sumatra. According to Story, we know that Krakatau Island was once recorded as one of the volcanoes that had the largest eruption in the world [other than Mount Tambora in Nusa Tenggara and Mount Toba in Sumatra]. Because of the explosion of Mount Krakatoa, it caused up to 36,000 people killed by the tsunami and poisonous gas spewed out. Currently Krakatau is one of the world’s legacies as a favorite tourist destination for volcanologists and nature lovers, not infrequently many migrants visit Krakatau not only domestic tourists. but also foreign tourists, especially in the summer and holidays, starting in May-September. The other interesting thing from Krakatau mountain and mountain is that you can enjoy the beauty under the sea, for snorkeling or diving. To reach Krakatau mountain it can take one day from Jakarta, so if you have the opportunity to visit Jakarta [Indonesia] stop at Anak Krakatau to get closer with the beauty and history that has been recorded
Tour Krakatoa or Krakatau tours [Travel package
a visit to the Krakatau or Anak Krakatau volcano can be done at any time [according to your wishes and adjusted to your holiday schedule. We provide holiday packages for you who will visit Krakatau with a variety of optional packages,
A day trip to Krakatoa Krakatau [fullday trip] tour packages, starting with picking up at your hotel or home address in the morning and then driving by private vehicle to Carita Beach and then leaving for Krakatau

Java Overland Tour – Discover the island of Java from the west to the eastern part of the island, discover volcanoes, national parks, cultures, traditions and heritage sites

-In the tourist destination of Java
The tourist destination of West Java, is one of the provinces recorded in history as a conference of Asian-Asian countries in 1955, West Java has beautiful natural wealth with rows and stretches of highlands, valleys, valleys, cultures, history and volcanoes. shopping center craft items. tourist area in west java, presidential palace and botenzorg in Bogor, zoological museum, graduating peak [tea garden]
Bandung [parahiyangan city, several tourist attractions: Tangkuban Perahu volcano [turn off boat] which has 9 craters, Angklung mang ujo, Ciwidey, white crater.
This white crater is located in the south of the city of Bandung, has a unique natural color with a white lake. This place is very famous because around easy access to reach the area and close to other atractions.
• Kampung Naga
Located in the border district of Garut, ttasikmalaya, is a Sundanese people who live with poles and hold the traditions and cultures adopted which have been inherited by their ancestors, they do not know modern life, from their buildings or homes makes us find completely in the same form, made from bamboo and Rumbia roofs [grass], they don’t use electric lights, [].

Garut, Has Papandayan mountain with queen of craters, there is a gap of Hindu heritage,
 Pangandaran beach, many attractions in Pangandaran i, e to the green canyon, boating trip in Cijulang river up to Cave to see stalacmide and stalactite, is one of the well known destination in Pangandaran, other attractions Batu Karas beach [for surfing], games park Pananjung
Central Java, with town capital Semarang is one of the popular tourist destination of Java, here you may visit to heritages and volcanoes i.e
Dieng Plateau,
A highland in mountain with sikidang crater that selet popping out like a mud of eternal life, Lake lake color with the water that always changes color because of the minerals, then you can also visit the vegetable plantation, and stop at the Temple Arjuna or other temples that are of the Hindu kingdom in central Java Songo Temple or 9 temple, amounting to 9 pieces Located in Gedung songo Complex temple, Merapi volcano, Merapi volcano is one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia, last year in 2010, Merapi spewed magma and lava in the residential area 7 km from the center of lava bursts, today Merapi as most tourist attractive in Central java caused of history and nature sorrounded, many visitors, trip to either lava tour [using jeep] or ascent to peak [must be permitted by pe Duty] other atractions are visit both Borobudur temple and Prambanan temple
Yogyakarta is a cultural city and student city, and was once the capital of the State of Indonesia in the year 1949, Yogyakarta was led by a governor who doubles as Sultan, in this city a lot of tourist attractions that you can meet that, Sultan palace, water castle, bird market, batik gallery, antique gallery [keris], silver city of the big city, Traditional market, and cultural arts performances building,
East Java
East Java Province is located on the east of Java Island, the most of the volcano can be found and may visited.
Mount Bromo, Bromo Mountain is flanked by 4 districts, Probolinggo, Pasuruan, Malang and Lumajang, the beauty and fame of the mountain Bromo invite click on everyone who visit it, especially in the sun Will rise in the east, tourists have rushed with their respective jeeps to the top of the mountain to touch In this spectacular moment, a golden tinge from behind the eastern horizon, an unforgettable sight.
Ijen Crater, crater or Mount Ijen is located on the easternmost tip of Java, the largest acid crater in the world [? ] Can be taken from the Situbondo district in the west and from the district of Jember in the east. Gunuung Ijen will be more interesting when visited at night, because the reflection of the color of the crater looks bluish blue, you can travel from 2-3 dawn to watch the sun rise in the crater of Ijen

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