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Ujung kulon 7 days tour

UJUNG KULON 7 DAYS TOUR-SOUTH COAST ADVENTURE The tour covers Ujung Kulon peninsula started from eastern, west, southern and back to the Eastern part. This tour package combination is either over sea and overland [by boat and trecking]. Day 01 Leave at 9.00 to well (fisherman harbor) take 3hrs from carita.by minibus. The boat wills

Ujung kulon 5 days tour

UJUNG KULON 5 DAYS TOUR Ujung kulon tour – 5 days travel packages explore national park Indonesia in the western most point of Java island  Day 01, pick up service from city Jakarta or International airport, and transfer to carita beach 4 hrs driving with private car [free overnight satay program]   Day

Ujung kulon 4 days tour

UJUNG KULON 4 DAYS TOUR Let’s do explore the Nature and Safe our Planet For free information and further information please contact us any time 24 h Call or send text (SMS) to: +62 81808393107, +62 85714343792, +62 81288463182 e-mail: info@krakatauujungkulontours.com, krakatautouroperator@gmail.com,Thank you for visiting our website DAY 01: Jakarta – Carita Beach We pick

Ujung kulon 3 days tour

UJUNGKULON 3 DAYS TOUR Explore a worl Indonesia heritage site – Visit Ujung kulon National park, play home Java Rhino, Travel packages: Start / Ended: Jakarta Duration: 3 days 2 night Grade; Easy to Moderate Number of pax: Min. 2 participant Boat classification: Fast boat Itenerary: Day 01, pick up from jakarta or Hotel adress

Ujung Kulon 2 days tour

UJUNG KULON 2 DAYS TOUR Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world and boasts the world’s greatest marine biodiversity. the country of islands has more amazing diving destinations to offer than any other area on earth. the nutrient rich currents that flow between the pacific and the indian ocean feeds the multicolour coral reefs and

Ujung kulon south coast tour

Ujung kulon South coast adventure Rinkasan tours; The tour from the East End to the West End, through the jungle and splitting the coast in the south sea on foot [trekking], combing from the beach Karang bed, Cibandawoh, Cikeusik, Cibunar, to find traces of Javan Rhinos and other wild animals in the Park National Ujung