Mount Krakatau is part of the history of the world, visit and identify more closely, get the natural beauty around them, make your trip the most beautiful moments with us

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Hotel and acomodation
Hotel la gundi
Hotel La Gundi or lagundi Cottage is located in the southern coastal tip of Carita beach, has
Beautiful scenery with a blend of a gently sloping beach and the trees add to the exotic
This place for your visit. have 3 pieces of cottages that created the art of architecture
blend of ancient and modern architects.

Sloping sea and the vast expanse of sand, is one of the attractions of this place and highly
ideal for holidays with family, relatives, business associates, or friends,
In addition, extensive parking facilities which are no less important.
The whole cottage overlooking the sea, by walking a few meters from the cottage.

And here is the type of room / cottage is on offer

Type: Cottage 3 pieces
@ Bedroom 3 pieces
Kitchen, living room [family]
each - each Cottage has 2 bathrooms.
Ac, TV
Equipped: Outdoor burning of fish [outdoor]

Due to its strategic location also has a fairly broad, Lag Gundi Cottage is not only
Cottage or sell a room, but out of it for those of you who want a vacation with the Office
or business relationships in larger quantities, we provide day tour package, or a family outing
Gathering with completeness;
Entertainment, sound system, keyboard solo
Tent [complement other holidays, such as: banana boat, jetski, diving, fishing, sailing, kraktau tour, tour Uungkulon

Mutiara Carita Cottages is the place for you and your beloved family for the refreshing of the daily routine. Cottages with a distinctive feel of traditional Asmat tribe has a fairly comfortable room facilities. The atmosphere is natural and familiar environment leaves you free to do the activity all the time, playing jekski, banana boating, swimming, trekking, sailing, diving / snorkeling, fishing, enjoying the sunset as well as various other facilities.

Mutiara Carita Cottages (MCC) has various cottage facilities, such as living room, refrigerator, shower water hot / cold, barbecue (BBQ) a private, all air-conditioned bedrooms, dining room, bar, cooking utensils, satellite TV and telephone. Not only that, Mutiara Carita Cottages also features Sports and Recreation facilities, such as a swimming pool overlooking the beach with a wide expanse of ocean around them, children's playground, jetty for fishing, rickshaw to get around some cottages, a karaoke room, a boat to sail to the island . Meeting room facilities are also available with a capacity of 100 participants following a complete equipment.

Anyer Carita beach is one of the Beautiful beaches at the coast or islands belonging to the thousand islands. Or in other words, Anyer Carita Beach Thousand Islands is the pearl. Natural beauty is so stunning beaches, making Anyer Carita beach favored by tourists, both domestic and foreign tourists.

Anyer Carita beach is a favorite place to vacation. You can bring loved ones to stay while recreation. Bring your family to enjoy the clean coastal air while watching the beautiful sunset. Its location is not so much. You only takes about 2.5 hours from Jakarta.
Well, so do not miss your vacation with your family and people you love the beach Anyer, Carita Cottages & Resort. Make your vacation this time as a beautiful holiday that presents a lot of inspiration. Carita Bay Resort / Lippo Carita Resort or also known as Lippo Carita Kondominimu or a beach hotel is a very strategic area which is located in Carita Beach travel with European-style buildings and direct dealing with a wide lip Carita beach along the 1 kilometer resort is divided into two the south and north, because the beauty and comfort of this place always visit every day, week ends or in the holiday season.

In this beach without reefs, you can enjoy the beautiful holiday with a walk or play scour Carita Beach Jet Ski, Board Surfing and try Banana Boat to be monitored by the Coast Guard (Life Guard) who are trained in their field and alert all the time, so makes you feel safe and comfortable to perform various activities for at Carita Beach.

For Accommodation, Lippo Carita provides 4 Type Condominium Unit options to suit your needs and the family are:


Our complete facilities for each type

Studio Type: Type is dilenkapi by: AC Room, Bathroom [hot / cold], Living room, Tv.

Type Deluxe :: comprises: 2 bedrooms, Ac, Living room, kitchen, bathroom [Hot / cold], Tv.

Super deluxe Type: Consists of 3 pieces of bedroom, family room, kitchen, 2 bathrooms [hot / cold]

Outside the facility:

Barbeque Stove, Private balcony, Swimming pool

Besides the above we provide catering and entertainment package for the Group, at least 50 people. LippoCarita condominium
Studio type room
Facilities Unit:
Ø Double Bed
Ø Dinning Room / RuangMakan
Ø Bath Room / KamarMandi
Ø Refrigerator / Fridge
Ø Dispenser
Ø Water Heater
Ø Cable TV (Indovision)
Ø Balcony / Beach View

Type 2 Bed Room
Facilities Unit:
Ø 2 Bed Room
Ø Dinning Room / RuangMakan
Ø Living Room / RuangKeluarga
Ø 2 Bath Room / KamarMandi
Ø Kitchen / Kitchen
Ø Refrigerator / Fridge
Ø Dispenser
Ø Water Heater
Ø Cable TV (Indovision)
Ø Balcony / Beach View

Type 3 Bed Room
Facilities Unit:
Ø 3 Bed Room
Ø Dinning Room / RuangMakan
Ø Living Room / RuangMakan
Ø 3 Bath Room / KamarMandi
Ø Kitchen / Kitchen
Ø Refrigerator / Fridge
Ø Dispenser
Ø Water Heater